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Quilts are special treasures that can be used and enjoyed for generations


Working together we will select the right pattern and perfect fabric that allows you to experience the joy of making a quilt for that special person or occasion. Quilt prices vary by design and size. Please call me at (208) 412-3430, there is no charge to talk about quilting!

Please allow 4-8 weeks to complete a Tee Shirt or Made to Order Quilt


Custom Tee Shirt 


Row Tee Shirt

  1. The number of Tee Shirts and quilt type determines the size  and price of the quilt. Custom Tee Shirt quilts are more expensive due to time required to customize the design.

  2. It is preferable to allow me to cut tee shirts. Please leave them whole.

  3. If Tee Shirts are washed don't use fabric softeners or dryer sheets.

  4. Once the number of tees and design is established I can give you a price of the finished quilt before beginning.

  5. A down payment is required before starting the quilt.


Made to Order Quilts

  1. Meet to discuss your needs, pick a pattern and choose fabric. There is a $25.00 charge for design consultation but that will be deducted from the price of the finished quilt provided it is ordered within six months from the date we meet. The price of the quilt will be determined after the size, pattern and fabric have been selected.

  2. Or I can choose fabric and pattern for you.

  3. If you already know what you want  I can give you a price and we can just get started. 

  4. A down payment is required before starting the quilt.


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